"Alexa, I'm leaving the house" triggers?

Hi community!

Has anyone managed to get Alexa to trigger openhab2 when you say “Alexa, I’m leaving”?

right now all she says is “OK, Goodbye for now” and does nothing else.
I want this command to trigger openhab2 turn off all the lights and close the blinds (eventually also turn on security cameras etc too). I could install a pushbutton switch on the wall at the door and write an “on change” rule - but I want to see if alexa can do it instead.

I can’t seem to find any mention of this from the API or on any of the forums…
Anyone done this or know how to do it?

[before I’m asked the obvious: yes, she is (now) responding to all my other “turn on/off XYZ light”, and “open/close blinds” commands - this additional…)]

Not Alexa based (although I have a few Echos and Echo Dots), but I have a “leaving the house” rule with the following logic:

If the downstairs hallway light is turned off while the front door is open, and the front door is then closed within the next 10 seconds, then it waits a further 10 seconds before setting all “presence” switches OFF, and all lights OFF.

It works pretty well, the only thing you have to remember is to hit the light switch when leaving. 99% of the time the hallway light is already on but if not, the system doesn’t care if you switch it on then off again. It’s just watching for you switching it off while the door is open.

The switch has a Fibaro Zwave ZMNHBD module, and the door has an Aeon Labs ZW089 magnetic switch.

I have a dummy item called security system and just tell the dot “Alexa, turn the security system on” which then sets in motion the things you describe.

But, it’s pretty useless as there’s no feedback stating that a window is open, for example so instead, I use a button on a wall mounted tablet running HABpanel which gives instant feedback.

I am just saying

lights off

which then fires my rule, to switch off heating,outlets and lights, I use the same phrase when going to bed. I use cron rules to turn on heating in the morning and before I normally return from work. Works fine for me…

If my gf is home and I go to bed I just say

bedroom light off

, and the other rule does not get triggered.

Thanks team.
I thought about it some more, and like y’all, I compromised and like you, made a dummy
Switch Everything [“Switchable”]
with a rule that turns everything off & closes the blind then does a postUpdate(everything, ON) so it will trigger again next time…

I was hoping to use alexa’ built in but like everything with alexa (especially in Australia😳): compromises must be made

Thanks for your input.

can you explain why postupdate?
For me it works without that:

rule "Lights Off"
	Item Alexa_Off received command OFF

Yea, that was part of my fiddling to get a the rule/switch combo to work.

“Everything” is a dummy switch - it doesn’t actually switch something it just fires a rule, so when I would tell the switch to fire through the rule, I was finding the “everything” switch was staying “off” (because of the command to “alexa, turn everything off”).
I needed to “reset” the switch so it would fire on change to off (ie. when I told alexa to turn off) again next time. I could probably find a better way to do it but at the time it was how my brain was thinking.

To be honest, I can’t remember if I tried it again after I set this, but it seems to work - why screw with something that works eh?!