Alexa Integration Not Working

I follewed the instructions i could find, I’ve got my account on working and I can see 3 items on the list.

In my items config those items look like:

Number wineroomtemp "Wine Temperature [%.1f]" <temperature> ["CurrentTemperature"] {mqtt="<[broker:oh/wine/Room Temp:state:default]"}

Switch BackDoorLockStatus15 "Back Door Lock" (GDevices,GRoom1) ["Switchable"] {mios="unit:house,device:33/service/DoorLock1/Status"}

Dimmer FamilyRoomLightLoadLevelStatus "Family Room Light Load Level Status [%d %%]" (GDevices,GRoom1) ["Lighting"] {mios="unit:house,device:3/service/Dimming1/LoadLevelStatus"}

When I try to discover from Alexa it doesn’t find anything.

Try using the official ones first:

and do not forget 2.3:

I am using the official skill. Is there a certain build of OH2 I need?

I meant the official docs. :grinning:

2.1 stable should do it.

You can find a lot of hints and troubleshooting tips in this thread:

I just upgraded to 2.1 stable, no improvement. In should I see anything under My Devices? I don’t. I do see 3 items though.

You should see the devices you are using to connect remotely to your openHAB instance. If you don’t use that feature you don’t see any devices listed.

That is NOT necessary for Alexa. You don’t need to expose your items to get them running with the skill.

You should see your Alexa skill under “Applications”, that is the reason I pointed you to 2.3 of the docs in my above post.

Try again after commenting out this item totally.

If one of your items is incorrect with syntax or anything else you won’t see any of them.

I believe you can’t use a [“CurrentTemperature”] tag on it’s own and you need a items with a [“TargetTemperature”] and [ “homekit:HeatingCoolingMode” ] too with them all in a group with a
[“Thermostat”] tag.

If that doesn’t work then comment out the Dimmer too and just try with a Switch item. Keep it simple and add items one at a time to find out which one is causing the problem.

(That’s what I had to do)!

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Hmm, I got it working even with this, turns out the issue was one of the items I tagged didn’t have a label set and that caused all the items to not show up. Once I added the label they all seem to be working!


Strange, your items in your first post all have a label … but glad you got it working!