Alexa is unable to find any items

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(Joachim Boeddeker) #1

Today i decided to redo my Amazon Alexa configuration (OH 2.1 stable). I had some lights working, but in order to clean up, i removed everything from the openhab cloud connector & Alexa. Tags are unchanged, i only added one switch using the tags “Switchable” & “Lighting”.

First problem was the exposing to the cloud. I used group items for the lights, but the new group behaviour made it impossible to expose the groups. (Exposed items need a state change to get exposed).

Somehow i managed to get the items exposed to myopenhab, but now Alexa does not find any items. What am i missing? Any hints? Thanks for any help.

I reconnected the Alexa to openhab several times.

Thansk for any help


(Olaf) #2

Hi, there is already a thread covering that…

(SiHui) #3

Just as a sidenote: you don’t need to expose any items to make them work with Alexa.

ONE switch with TWO tags? Won’t work …

(Joachim Boeddeker) #4

Thanks, didn’t know that.

I changed also to just “Switchable” and just “Lighting”, neither works.

Thanks, i’ll try there.