Alexa "open garage door" instead of "garage door on"?


is there any way to set-up my garage door to be able say “open garage door” instead of “garage door on”? If I tell alexa to open the garage door, she says that device doesn’t support that. I configured it as switchable.

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You could change that directly in the Alexa app if you simply create a routine and adding your garage door switch to it. In the Routine you can decide wich sentence you want to use.

I already tried that. But it doesn’t work. If there is garage door in the sentence it’s every time the same result

Yes, you can without the need of Alexa routines. You should use the semantic extensions concept.

I got that working with the v3 API. Thanks!

switch garage_door_state “Garagentor” (gStartPersist) {channel=“mqtt:topic:embedded:garage:door”,alexa=“ToggleController.toggleState” [category=“DOOR”, friendlyNames="@Setting.Garagentor", actionMappings=“Close=OFF,Open=ON”, stateMappings=“Closed=CLOSED,Open=OPEN”]}

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As you highlighted in the post below, asset ids (friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening") should not be translated opposed to standard text-based labels (friendlyNames="Garagentor"). The reason is because the former translates to all supported languages on the Alexa side. This is why it usually recommended to use these over standard labels.