Alexa / OpenHAB / Insteon / Cloud Integration

Having trouble finishing the job. I have OpenHAB installed and running on Mac. There’s an Insteon hub controlled by OpenHAB with a few switches. I have the cloud service configured so I can control OpenHAB through the I’ve also installed the OpenHAB skill on Alexa.

o- I can control one of my dimmers through myopenhab
o- I cannot discover any of my devices with Alexa
o- I have disconnected and re-connected the cloud and Alexa skills

I’ve been combing this site and others, but find only esoteric information about creating AWS accounts and other mumbo-jumbo.

Am I barking up the wrong tree expecting to be able to have Alexa turn my lights on and off using OpenHAB? Or am I missing something really simple?

Thanks for your help

I think you’re probably trying to do too much, too fast. I don’t mean this as a criticism–it happens a lot, and is happening right now with people jumping to openHAB while still frustrated with Insteon. They’re assuming that they can be back up and running as they were before in a matter of hours, but openHAB is completely different from Insteon. There’s a learning curve.

I would focus on getting all of your Insteon devices working first, so that you’re able to turn them on and off with openHAB. Don’t worry about the myopenHAB cloud or Alexa yet, because none of that matters if your devices won’t even talk to openHAB.

openHAB doesn’t know which devices to expose to Alexa until you tell it which ones to expose. That’s as simple as going to the item’s page in MainUI and adding Alexa metadata. Then, if your cloud is set up properly, you should be able to find the devices in Alexa.



You can try this with your one working dimmer, but again, I’d focus on getting all of your Insteon stuff working with openHAB.


Thank you very much, Russ! Indeed, there is a learning curve with OpenHAB!
Adding the Alexa metadata was the “missing link” and I don’t think I could have found that solution on my own.