Alexa Openhab Translation

I have set up a rollershutter in Openhab and integrated them in Alexa .
Now I was wondering , when I want to stop the shutter , I have to say “Halt” in German .
Is it possible to use the word “Stop” also ?
Is changing the file locales\de\catalog.json the right way ?
@Value.Stop”: “Halt”,
@Value.Stop”: “Halt,Stop”,


You are right about the file that needs to be updated. However, that file is controlled by Crowdin.

I just updated the translation for @value.stop to “Stopp” which is in line to how it is translated in other parts of OH. It will be included in the next release. Feel free to go over the other German translations and correct the ones you believe are incorrect.

Keep in mind that this translation only affects requests to set a mode or range value preset to the stop value.

Alexa, set the blind to stop

This doesn’t affect the stop custom semantic which is using the Alexa.PlaybackController interface to allow semantic requests.

Alexa, stop the bind

According the German utterance examples in the link above, you should be able to request:

Alexa, stopp Rolladen Büro

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