ALEXA Problem -- New Z-Wave snapshot broke ALEXA

This is very strange. I am running OPENHABIAN on a Raspberry PI. It has been working great. I have a combination of z-wave devices and tp-link devices. This problem only relates to the Z-wave devices running openhab.

When the Official ALEXA skill set came out I set it up and all of my Z-WAVE devices work fine. The are just GE light switches. ALEXA found all the devices and they were also fully controllable by my IPHONE. No problems.

Then I purchased two new GE switches. They were not supported by the 2.0 Z-wave snapshot. I checked through the doc and uninstalled the 2.0 Z-Wave binding and downloaded the 2.1 binding manually. All of the switches now work and they are fully controllable by the IPHONE app and Paper UI.

But ALEXA cannot discover any of the Z-Wave devices.

My brain is frying. I am obsessed.

I have investigated uPNP and tags and that doesn’t help.

I would appreciate any help.

Check your item links in the Karaf console. After logging into it, smarthome:links list should give you a listing. Look for duplicates - I had this problem and it caused substantial Z-wave problems for me including Alexa.

Our Alexa app uses only the REST api from openHAB, so as long your system is connected to correctly and your items are tagged (and no typos) then it should be ok. Do your items return ok if you hit ?

Well this is interesting. First of all thank you for responding. I didnt see any thing funny in the KARAF console. This is the output from the rest command.


I notice a couple of things. I thought I had filled in TAGS but they all appear empty. I thought I had deleted the SONOS material but it seems to still be there. I am confused about PAPERUI vs item files.

I backed out the Z-Wave snapshot and things started to be seen by alexa. I also noticed that all of my tags had gone blank. I also readded “Lighting” to the tag. So two things could have fixed this. I would really like to know what takes precedence: items in the item file or the paperui database. The REST command and the KARAF commands are golden.

I’m seeing a similar behavior. Using the new Z-wave binding, I can see a switch device in Paper, but it’s invisible to Alexa. My WeMo light switch is fine.

In my case, it seems that is Alexa that breaks the z-wave device.
I have a Fibaro z-wave multisensor, yestarday I connected the temperature item to Alexa, and all was working fine, but today after a while I see the temperature value at -Naan; in order to check if it was a problem with alexa, I connected to alexa the sensor luminance, and immediately it become -Naan too. I use the binding-zwave - 2.3.0.SNAPSHOT and sincerely I do not want to use an older version. Any suggestion?