Alexa: Problem with friendlyNames


thank you for this great OpenHAB-Project! As a noob I realized fantastic things.

How can I used friendlyNames for a plug? I read that friendlyNames can only be used with Building Block APIs.

So I tried:
Switch Schuko_Gaestezimmer_OG "Gästezimmer Steckdose" <poweroutlet> (gOGSchuko, gZimmer1) {alexa="ToggleController.toggleState" [friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening, Zimmer 1 Strom", actionMappings="Close=OFF,Open=ON"], knx="3/4/4+<3/4/104"}

Neither “Gästezimmer Steckdose” nor “Zimmer 1 Strom” are working.
Can you help me please?

This is correct. However, I wouldn’t use these interfaces for your use-case (outlet) unless you want to have the ability to use “open” and “close” action.

Keep in mind that the item label is in most cases the actual device friendly name. Building Block APIs are generally used for multi-function devices which allow to name each of the functionalities. So for example, the temperature function of a washer device would have friendlyNames=@Setting.Temperature and in the definition you provided, the opening function of a window device would have friendlyNames=@Setting.opening.

If you are just trying to turn on and off your outlet device via Alexa, I would recommend using the Outlet metadata label:

Switch Schuko_Gaestezimmer_OG "Gästezimmer Steckdose" <poweroutlet> (gOGSchuko, gZimmer1) {alexa="Outlet", knx="3/4/4+<3/4/104"}

Thank you for your help and your time!
I only want to turn off and on the outlet with the command “Steckdose” and the command “Strom”.
Should I simpley make a secound line with the same knx-Interface?

Alexa, schalte das Gästezimmer Steckdose ein
Alexa, schalte das Gästezimmer Steckdose aus

Yes. This works already with the switchable v2 Tag, but not “Alexa Gästezimmer Strom ein”.

My utterance examples are based on the API documentation. Maybe try the below utterance. Other than that I wouldn’t be able to help further as I am just using Google translator to produce these examples.

Alexa, das Gästezimmer Steckdose einschalten

Also, there is no different in behavior between v2 tag and v3 metadata related to power control.