Alexa replies "Device not found" to items which are UNDEF or NULL and have the tag "autoupdate=false"


i have some simple 433 MHz RF switches which i only can control and not read back the current state. Because of this my item definition contains “autoupdate=false”, so the switchstate stays undefined or null and acts only as an ON and OFF button without a current state in my Basic UI.
I control this switches with my alexa as well. Since a few weeks i got a problem with this setup. If alexa controls the switch, it return the sentence: “-Gerätename- antwortet nicht, bitte prüfe die Netzwerkverbindung und Stromversorgung des Geräts”, in English: “-Devicename- do not answer, please check the network and mains connection”. The switching command is executed correctly by alexa.
I am using openHAB 2.4

My question is now, is this behavior normal since a certain update or some such?

This is by design with the Alexa Skill v3, which was rolled out mi-August, as it now tracks the state of specific capabilities. Although, based on your description, Alexa should reply “Device not responding” for anything based with a device state opposed to “Device not found”. You can refer to the troubleshooting documentation.

Anyway, there is an enhancement to prevent certain items from getting their state retrieved and just return the requested state instead of trying to get it from the OH server.

Thank you for your answer!

Meanwhile I have found an other workaround for this Problem. I used the expire binding to reset the Item-state after around 10 seconds to “UNDEF”:

Switch MY_ONEWAY_RF_SWITCH "Examplename" (gExample) [ "Lighting" ] {exec=">[ON: /turn/on/my/switch] >[OFF: /turn/off/my/switch]", expire="10s,UNDEF"}

This solution has the advantage for me to see the last sent state for a short time.

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The enhancement I mentioned above has been released to the live skill. So for items with autoupdate=false, it will use the command value in the state response instead of trying to retrieve the item state.