Alexa says "...isn't responding please check..." After Upgrade to 2.5.0-1

The clone is 2.4.0-1 it does not have the errors. Things went wrong this morning.

Was just looking for the download at

How do I find the previous release? 2.4.0-1

By the By thanks for all the time you have taken with me today.

no. will try that.

Everything you need to do is on this single page, no scrolling needed.

BTW, you might get away with just the last 3 of those commands. If you do not see a list of available packages after apt-cache showpkg openhab2 then run all 5 commands.

I have not used pishrink but . from looking at the documentation, you should be able to shrink it. If you want to be safe, copy the img and shrink the copy. If it does not work, you st.ll have the original img.

sudo apt-cache show openhab2 sudo apt-get install openhab2=2.4.0-1

Does that look correct?

Yes I made a copy first of the .img. :slightly_smiling_face: The question is how to put the shrunk img on the new microSD so that the Pi will boot from it?

I assume you need to do this from a Linux system with an SD Card reader and use the dd command. The command, following the example in this thread, would be
sudo dd if=~/raspbian_backup.img of=/dev/sdb

yes, but can I do that with the shrunk image?

sudo dd if=~/oh.bk.shrunk.img of=/dev/disk2

and then will it boot and expand on the Pi when installed.

sorry for taking this post in a different direction.

According to the description on GitHub, you can and it will expand to fill the disk.

Sorry, had to step away for a bit. The first command sudo apt-cache show openhab2 should show all the listed options and you can pick from any of them. So if you see 2…4.0-1 listed as an option then yes the next command will downgrade you. If you do not see this then run all five commands one at a time.

@InTheDark pretty sure you need to rediscover items with alexa when updating. There have been lots of changes to thehue emulation.

No problem. I needed to step away at 8 AM but look were I am still. :slightly_frowning_face:

Was able to down graded to 2.4.0-1 and things seem to be working again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Need to verify that I can find additional devices with Alexa.

How do I prevent auto-updates from updating to 2.5 or auto update things that break things?

Thanks again for all of your input.

Alexa did not find the new devices after upgrading to 2.5 I did not delete all of my devices on Alexa. Will try this upgrade some other day.

Don’t auto update.:wink:

Now that you’ve verified downgrading works you can upgrade to test when you have time. If Alexa still won’t find all devices then downgrade till another day.

I would also use openhab-cli to make a backup and install a fresh image on a different SD card and once OH is running on 2.5 then install just the binding needed for Alexa to work. If that works you can manually install your other binding or remove all bindings and try the openhab-cli backup restore.

If you are on a Debian based Linux distribution I think the following command would work.
sudo apt-mark hold openhab2

It can be reversed by sudo apt-mark unhold openhab2.

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Should have some time next week to look at this again. Thanks again for your input.