Alexa Skill Extension


I have the openHAB skill enabled in Alexa and the documented things work ok.

oddly I can not “Alexa Open Openhab” and even if I ask “Alexa List Skills” then openhab is not mentioned.

It would be nice to be able to have openhab specific requests, like checking the state of a Contact, such as: “Alexa ask openhab if the Garage Door is open” or any other openhab item.

ps. I started this as a new thread so as to not overly confuse the main support thread

@w2vy Total openhab newbie here. How were you able to link your garage door on/off to open close? I can set it in the sitemap, but I’d like to tell Alexa to open my garage door, not “Alexa garage on”.

As far as asking for the state of an item, I believe that the newly released v3 Alexa API supports this, but the Skill will have to be updated to use the new API.

Being able to use Open/Close rather than On/Off is a limitation of the API also if I’m not mistaken. I think it was due to concerns over security (people being able to open your door).


I will be very interested in seeing what the V3 API sounds like, even willing to help test

As far as the issues with Open/Closed vs On/Off that is just Gammer, but if we can extend the syntax to our personal liking via “Alexa Ask OPENHAB x y z” that may be acceptable, especially for developers debugging stuff (I mean most of us writing rules and adding items, not binding devs)


AFAIK “Alexa open openhab” does not work because it is not a custom skill but a smarthome skil… those are treated differently by alexa see here:

That explains a LOT, Thank you.