Alexa Skill - OpenHAB 2.4 - Devices not responding

Hi guys

New to openHAB having migrated from Domoticz after the server completely failed on me.

Got it working on a docker container on a pi and got a working setup.

I have an issue with the Alexa skill however, and cannot find any solutions. I have successfully tagged all the things in habmin with appropriate tags, and Alexa can discover the devices, with no issues.

The problem comes when asking Alexa to turn anything on or off, I get a quick response saying, “the device is not responding”. I can however turn on and off devices using the Alexa app without any issues.

There is nothing in the openHAB logs, thus assuming it doesn’t even connect when using a voice command.

Is this a known issue or is this something that can be fixed?



Do you see in the logs where OH is connecting to Amazon and is online? Have you tried restarting OH? What type/kind of devices are being discovered in the Alexa app?

Not sure if I’ve seen any connections in the openHAB log regarding establishing a connection.

In terms of restarting openHAB, yes, I would bring down the docker container and start it up again, which would cause openHAB to relaunch.

In terms of devices discovered, essentially all lights and sockets tagged as Lighting and Switchable.

I have noticed some errors from about about 9 days ago:

2019-02-11 05:22:31.065 [WARN ] [mazonechocontrol.internal.Connection] - Request to url ‘<forum won’t let me paste link>’ fails with unkown

However this seems to be from the amazon echo binding rather than the Alexa skill?

When I get a device not responding error, nothing comes up on the logs.