Alexa Skill reading KNX item value

Hi, i have KNX item which i controll using Alexa Skill.

I can say “Alexa turn on living room light” and it works.

How can i ask Alexa to tell me if light is turned ON or OFF?

Switch luc_test2 "Living Room Light" [ "Lighting" ] {autoupdate="true", knx="10/7/110+10/7/113" }

First step is to use knx binding the correct way :wink:
Given GA 10/7/110 as the Group Address bound to the switch object and GA 10/7/113 as the Group Address bound to the state object, the line should be

Switch luc_test2 "Living Room Light" [ "Lighting" ] {knx="10/7/110+<10/7/113" }

You have to ensure that the R-Flag (L-Flag in Germany) is set for the state object, so that read requests are answered by the actuator.
When starting openHAB, it will request the state of 10/7/113 and set luc_test2.state accordingly. Whenever the state of 10/7/113 is changed or updated, the actuator should send the state and openHAB will receive this update.

I don’t know if the Alexa Skill is able to read item states though.