Alexa skill stops working

I’m using the official Alexa Skill for quite a while now without any big problems.

But since a few days ago I have a strange problem. After a while the skill is no longer working. The alexa app and my alexa devices say that the hub is not responding.When I open the skill in the Alexa app it the skill is still connected to my Openhab ( account.
When I deactivate the skill, reactivate it everything works fine for around 12 hours than it stops working again.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Or any idea how to debug this?

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Which version of OH do you use ?
Is there any error message in the openhab.log file on your OH instance ?

Latest stable version 2.5.8 and I don’t see any errors in the logfile. When the skills quit working I can stell use everything in the OpenHab App. I think it’s mor a problem between the skill and or and my OpenHab installation. Strange thing is that it is has been working for many month without any problem.

Mine started misbehaving today as well. Alexa says “the hub the device is connected to is not responding”. Anyone find a solution? Don’t see any related errors in the logs.

Found the issue. Seems the local server thought it was connected to the cloud. Saw in the log it connected 2 days ago and no errors since. However, the cloud sever said local was offline. Simple restart of local OpenHAB fixed the problem.

I’m currently having similar sporadic (every month or so) problems (described here: Alexa randomly turns to "device is unresponsive", even though the amazonechocontrol binding is still connected (e.g. Echo_Dot_Speak still works)). The problem can also be solved by restarting openHAB. However, this is not very nice.

Did you figure out the root cause, to avoid having to restart openHAB whenever the problem shows up? How did you identify your problem in detail?

I did not. It just happened again a few days ago. I don’t know why. But for me it takes months before disconnecting. Seems to be disconnecting from the cloud that causes it but I don’t know why it is disconnecting.

Hello friends, I’ve the same problem. From time to time the Alexa Skill has lost the connection to my openhab devices. Magic home and Philipps Hue is running. Only a restart from my Raspery will restart the connections.
I have an tablet with an openhab UI. And this is running continuosely.
Has anybody an idea?

If the performance of your Raspberry Pi is degraded, it will affect your Alexa experience with OH. The fact that after you restart your device, it is working again would point to that root cause.