Alexa stops working after certain time


Since yesterday I have some issues with alex and openhab cloud.

I updated openhab to the openhab:3.1.0.M4 - last milestone build via docker container. My openhab is also running behind a Nginx Proxy Manager with activated access list.

Currently I have the issue that after a certain time alexa cannot reach the items. I received the message from alexa that the item is not reachable at the moment. When I log in to myopenhab account the server is online.

I am not sure if this issue is caused by my Nginx configuration or this is a bug in the M4 build?
The Nginx configuration I did after installing the M4 build.

Is there a known bug at M4 with Nginx and alexa binding and I should go back to the M3 build?

How can I debug to find the root cause for this issue, there is nothing shown in the openhab log.

forget to mentioned after rebooting openhab, it works again for some hours.


You could try the container with version M3 to see it is is an issue with M4.
I did not try this.

btw: I have an issue, that openHAB (2.5) is loosing its connection to for the second time today and therefore Alexa is not working.
But that is a different issue…

I guess this is the same issue

Now it would be interesting to know either this issue came from openhab cloud or openhab:3.1.0.M4.

I guess I have the same issue. I updated from 3.1M3 to 3.1M4 - and my Echo devices can not find the switches from OH anymore… Any solution available?

I am not sure if this issues caused by openhab cloud.
My openhab docker container running since 38 hours without any issues.

I was able so solve this by shutting down OH, delete the content of directory “Cache”, start OH again. Echos are working again.

Yes I have also cleared the cache directory, forgot to mention.

Does it work stable for you. I had yesterday and today some issue. After rebooting it works again.

Yes, it is working for me since I deleted the cache.

Same here!

Connection to openHAB Cloud is unstable since I upgraded to M4.

I don’t think it’s related to M4, my 3.0.2 setup has lost connection about 4 times this week.


this is an older topic. But I am having these issues as well. After a certain time, my alexa connection stops working. Unfortunately there are no obvious sympthoms, so I do not see anything relevant in the log files.
I am on 3.2M5 on a Synology docker container.