Alexa thermostat 'hold' setting?

My thermostat has an additional setting for ‘hold’ which causes it not to go back to the programmed setting if turned on. How can I add this for Alexa voice control? I don’t see this as one of the thermostat controller metadata items.

Can I add a powercontroller switch Item to the thermostat group to get voice access to it?

What t-stat are you using?

Can you use the Alexa app to set the “hold” function of the t-stat? If so then you can use a proxy item and rule with OH to trigger a routine within the app.

It’s a wifi thermostat I control via rules. And I can access it via Alexa as a separate switch. What I am asking about is whether it can be part of a V3 endpoint so Alexa is aware that it is part of the thermostat settings. I don’t see anything like that in the documentation, but I thought ‘hold’ was fairly common so I’m surprised it isn’t there. Thanks.

You can open an issue at github to have this feature added.

In order to get a better understanding of your setup, could you provide your thermostat item definition including how you would control that setting from the OH side? The Alexa Skill API provides a way to resume a schedule but hasn’t been ported to the skill as of yet.

Maybe what can be implemented here is that any mode/setpoints voice command requested via Alexa would automatically put the thermostat in a hold state and that a resume request would take it off that state. In term of configuration, an additional item switch part of the thermostat group endpoint would be used to control that setting.