Alexa thermostat setup with new metadata


I have updated my items to use the new metadata tags available via the latest Alexa skill but the items Alexa recognizes and which are set up do either mismatch or I do not understand them correctly.

Here is my item setup of a Eurotronic Spirit heat valve:

Group dg_yannick_thermostat "Yannick Thermostat" {alexa="Endpoint.Thermostat"}
Number:Temperature dg_yannick_temp "Kinderzimmer 1" <temperature> (gYannick, Sensors, dg_yannick_thermostat) {alexa="TemperatureSensor.temperature", channel = "zwave:device:5a95239b:node15:sensor_temperature"}
Number:Temperature dg_yannick_heating "Solltemperatur" <temperature> (gYannick, dg_yannick_thermostat) {alexa="ThermostatController.upperSetpoint", channel = "zwave:device:5a95239b:node15:thermostat_setpoint_heating"}
Number:Temperature dg_yannick_heating_eco "Absenktemperatur" <temperature> (gYannick) {channel = "zwave:device:5a95239b:node15:thermostat_setpoint_heating_econ"}
Number dg_yannick_battery "Yannick Batterie" <battery> (gYannick, Sensors) {channel = "zwave:device:5a95239b:node15:battery-level"}
Number dg_yannick_th_mode "Thermostat Modus" (gYannick) {alexa="ThermostatController.thermostatMode" [OFF=0,AUTO=1,ECO=11,HEAT=15], channel = "zwave:device:5a95239b:node15:thermostat_mode"}
Dimmer dg_yannick_ventil (gYannick) {channel = "zwave:device:5a95239b:node15:switch_dimmer"}

Alexa seems to find (only) the following items from that list:

  • Thermostat Modus
  • Yannick Thermostat

Now does the item configuration make sense?
I’m missing at least an item showing the current temperature. Also there does not seem to be an item containing the upperSetpoint.

Really nobody any experience with that combination?

If you only have one setpoint on your thermostat, you should be using ThermostatController.targetSetpoint. The upper and lower setpoints are used for thermostat that have dual mode support (heat and cold). Other than that, the other Alexa setup seems to be fine. Make sure to rerun discovery after you updated your configuration.

Number:Temperature dg_yannick_heating "Solltemperatur" <temperature> (gYannick, dg_yannick_thermostat) {alexa="ThermostatController.targetSetpoint", channel = "zwave:device:5a95239b:node15:thermostat_setpoint_heating"}