Alexa to control audio


I use Alexa to contol different things in my home and it works fine!

But I have a problem, when I want to control my Yamaha AV. When I say to Alexa “start radio x” Alexa thinks, she should play the radio. But what I want is alexa to start my yamaha av and to start network radio. Same problem, when i say “increase audio volume”. Alexa increases her own volume level, instead of the volume level of my yamaha av.

I think the problem is, that the openhab skill is not supporting “audio” commands.

Is it possibel to enhance the skill?

In addition:
I want not to wire alexa to my yamaha av!

The current skill is based on the Smarthome API’s of Amazon/Alexa. No audio controls are available.

As a workaround you could implement some virtual switches.
E.g. “network radio”. If you say “Alexa, turn on network radio” this switch is triggered.
Using a rule, you could turn on your Yahama AV and switch it to network radio. I don’t know if a binding exists for Yahama or you can control it using OpenHAB in some way, but there is a Yahama Receiver binding, so I guess that is covered.

Related to increase/decrease volume, you could follow a similar approach. But you would need to use some strange phrasing:
“Alexa, turn on Yahama volume increase” => would again trigger a virtual switch that increases the volume by e.g. 5%.

You can always consider building a custom Alexa skill. And I’ve read that Yahama has already foreseen Alexa integration for some of their receivers. Maybe you’re lucky.


is it possible to change the openhab skill to support audio commands?

The problem is, that if alexa hears the word “radio” or “volume” it always akts wrong!

As a workaround i have the discibed solution already running. But that is not really a good solution (especially for my wife ;-))

Yes, WAF is an issue. I recognize that. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it is Amazon that needs to expand the API for this. See API Reference Guide.

As soon as Amazon has included this in their API, the OpenHAB skill can be adjusted.

Looks like this is supported now and a couple of people are working on it, Are you aware of this and able to contribute. Sadly I’m not a Dev but wouldn’t love to be able to move it forward :slight_smile: