Alexa V3 Skill "Device is unresponsive"

Currently Running Openhab 2.4 using Alexa V3 tagging. (2.5RC Echo Control)

When adding Switches or RollerShutters

Rollershutter Fake_Shutter "Fake Shutter" {alexa="Switchable"}

I can send and update the slider values 0-100 get sent and recorded in openhab.

If I use raise or lower or the on/off switch I get “Device is unresponsive”

I am very confused as the percentage values always send.

Anyone have any idea? I have tried everyting I can think of and looked for anything in the forums.

The new v3 skill requires a proper state to be available on the item receiving the command. If it cannot get the state, it will determine that the device is unresponsive.

Can you confirm that the state on your rollershutter item is updated at the time of receiving the command? If necessary, you can use an item sensor if the current state of the item is on a different channel.