Alexa V3 Two differents devices in Room

was wondering if i can ask :

Alexa turn on Bureau’s light.

Alexa what’s Bureau temperature ?

Here my items and groups :

Group Maison   <house>
Group Bureau   <office>    (Maison)
Group Detecteur            (Maison)
Group gTemperatures  <temperature> (Detecteur)
Number:Temperature Temp_Bureau_MultiS6   "Température [%.1f °C]"  <temperature>   (gTemperatures, Bureau)    { channel="zwave:device:2f77f700:node8:sensor_temperature", alexa="TemperatureSensor.temperature" [scale="Celsius"] }
Color   Lum_Plafond_Bureau  "Plafond Bureau"    <lightbulb>  (Bureau)         { channel="hue:0210:00178863d456:3:color", alexa="Lighting" }

With Code, we can see all members of Bureau with there values :


In paperui, all works.
So, how can i ask Alexa to manage 2 diffrents devices in same group ?

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You modeled your items as single endpoints. So on the Alexa side, it is not aware of the group you have currently setup in OH. In comparison group endpoints allow multiple device functionalities under one endpoint.

However, in your example, since each device has a different category and especially if you intend to expose additional light devices in that room, I would recommend creating a group name “Bureau” on the Alexa side with these two items, using the phone app.

That way, you can ask the temperature and control the lights in that group like this:

Alexa, allume la lumière du bureau
Alexa, quelle est la température du bureau

Ultimately, if you linked the echo device located in that room to the same group, you would enable the room awareness feature. Keep in mind that this feature only works with specific categories, like lights, and in your case, temperature sensor devices are excluded.

Alexa, allume la lumière
Alexa, quelle est la température du bureau

Thx jeshab for your fast replies :slight_smile:
It’s working now with a group name “Bureau” on the Alexa side !
I have read group endpoints documentation, and it seems to be impossible to have differents category under endpoints, tell me if i’m wrong.
So, create group on Alexa side is the only solution ?
I have just try CurrentHumidity and apparently it’s not working with French Alexa :slight_smile:

You technically can have a group endpoint with multiple category functionalities. Although I am afraid you might be confusing capabilities, defined by an interface name, and categories, defined by a display category.

Such endpoint would be defined as OTHER category, which will prevent some of category-based features on the Alexa side, such as how it will appear in the Alexa app along with preventing the room awareness feature for some device, such as lights. Additionally, you have to keep in mind that in a given group endpoint, you cannot use multiple items with the same capability, except for the Building Block APIs capabilities. This mean you wouldn’t be able to add multiple light items to that endpoint for example.

This is why group endpoints should be considered to represent a device with multiple functions (e.g. thermostat or stereo system) opposed to a location with multiple devices.

It is the best solution from my experience. What’s your concern about doing so?

It should work. I noticed that the supported latin-based language utterances are very strict, compared to the English language. Can you please provide the OH item definition and the exact utterance (in French) you are using?

Ok your clarifications are perfect, i understand now perfectly endpoint !

Let’s see humidity item :

Number Hum_Bureau_MultiS6   "Humidité [%d %%]"   <humidity>  (gHumidites, Bureau)       { channel="zwave:device:2f77f700:node8:sensor_relhumidity", alexa="CurrentHumidity" }

I ask :

Alexa, quelle est l’humidité du bureau ?
Alexa, quel est le taux d’humidité du bureau ?

Each time, Alexa answer to me

Ce n’est pas encore pris en charge.

Did i forget Number:Humidity in item’s defenition ?

When i have started with Alexa V3, i thought the skill will map OH Group… My mistake :sweat_smile:

Again thx for your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s not the issue and is actually not a valid OH UoM item type anyway. For % unit, you would use Number:Dimensionless but again it doesn’t change how the Alexa skill model that item.

Just to be clear, the skill will map OH groups if modeled properly. It’s just my recommendation is not to use that integration in your use case. Also, keep in mind the skill also maps OH groups which have a defined item type as single endpoint. This is useful, for example, if you want to control a group of lights or have an average temperature across several sensors.

To give some background related to CurrentHumidity metadata label, it was added to bridge a lack in the Alexa API to provide a proper implementation for this functionality. So this is kinda of a hack on the OH skill end and was intended to be use part of a thermostat group endpoint. It is based on the latest RangeController capability, part of the Building Block APIs, which was added recently and still have some bugs especially with non-English languages.

Anyway, based on my testing, the answer to your question is that it will not work with your current setup, assuming you created the Bureau group on the Alexa side, per my recommendation. The reason is that when you request anything with the term Bureau, the Alexa language processing will always try to apply against that group once it exists and, as I explained above, Alexa doesn’t support humidity sensor natively. Therefore, this is why you are getting the “not supported” response.

Ironically, using a group endpoint as you initially intended will resolve this one but you will loose all the Alexa app integration/control along with the other features I mentioned previously. Also, it doesn’t seem to handle preposition contraction that are used in French. In the end, as you can see there is no perfect solution for this one :smile:

As a side note, make sure to delete the original relevant endpoints and Alexa group if you plan on testing the item definitions below.

Group gBureau "Bureau" {alexa="Endpoint.Other"}
Number:Temperature Temp_Bureau_MultiS6 "Température [%.1f °C]" (gBureau) {alexa="CurrentTemperature"}
Color Lum_Plafond_Bureau "Plafond Bureau" (gBureau) {alexa="Lighting"}
Number Hum_Bureau_MultiS6 "Humidité [%d %%]" (gBureau) {alexa="CurrentHumidity"}

Alexa, allume la lumière du bureau
Alexa, quelle est la température du bureau
Alexa, quelle est la humidité du bureau

Another option could be to use a group endpoint for your sensor device only in order to allow multiple lights for that location to be modeled and added to the Alexa group. The temperature sensor item will need to be modeled as RangeController in order to get the actual sensor values in the Alexa App.

Group gBureau_MultiS6 "Capteur Bureau" {alexa="Endpoint.Other"}
Number:Temperature Temp_Bureau_MultiS6 "Température [%.1f °C]" (gBureau_MultiS6) {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [friendlyNames="@Setting.Temperature", nonControllable=true, unitOfMeasure="Temperature.Celsius"]}
Number Hum_Bureau_MultiS6 "Humidité [%d %%]" (gBureau_MultiS6) {alexa="CurrentHumidity"}
Color Lum_Plafond_Bureau "Plafond Bureau" {alexa="Lighting"}

Alexa, allume la lumière du plafond bureau
Alexa, allume la lumière du bureau (all lights part of Bureau Alexa group)
Alexa, quelle est la température du capteur bureau
Alexa, quelle est la humidité du capteur bureau

Ok, all done, all runs !
The first option runs perfectly :heart_eyes:
I have tried to add a new item :

Number Lumi_Bureau_MultiS6  "Luminosité [%d L]"  <sunrise> (gLuminosites, gBureau)     { channel="zwave:device:2f77f700:node8:sensor_luminance" } endpoint ??  ;)

I have no problem in OH but no luck with Alexa, i guess there is no endpoint yet.

For this one, you can use the RangeController based on the example I provided above. Unfortunately, there is no unit of measure support for lux on the Alexa side as of yet.

Also, you need to make sure that your OH regional settings are setup properly since using a text-based friendly name.

Number Lumi_Bureau_MultiS6 "Luminosité [%d L]" (gBureau) {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [friendlyNames="Luminosité", nonControllable=true]}

Alexa, quelle est la luminosité du bureau

You are definitely my best friend :blush:

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