Alexa voice service together with openhab on raspberry (openhabian)?

I just saw a video (from explainingcomputers) on how to install alexa voice services on raspberry pi, this is actually supported officially by Amazon.

I have my Pi with openhabian running all time, is possible to include alexa on it and configure together with openhab? it will be great if I can use the rPi for both things instead of buying an amazon echo dot (I’m not living in US or UK)

will it work?

I know this is an old thread but curious if anyone worked out if this was possible?

that would also interest me, got anyone experience with that?

I’m interested too. Haven’t found anything anywhere else. I will try myself in a couple of days. Has anyone worked it out yet?

It probably will just work as long as you don’t run out of RAM. At that point the Pi just looks like an Echo Dot to the Alexa services. (I.e., it’ll go Audio input -> Pi voice services -> Alexa cloud Services -> myopenhab -> OpenHAB…)

I played with it a while back without OpenHAB being involved and found it really worked poorly without a headset, which makes using it kind of moot. Without a quality matrix-mic setup, it just wasn’t reliable in the least about hearing voice commands. With something like a Matrix Creator ( , it might work… but you’re at 4x the cost of a Dot at that point… which may be okay if you want to go a DIY AI route for privacy reasons, but doesn’t really make much sense to just route things through Amazon anyway.

The Matrix Creator does also have Z-wave and Zigbee radios although I don’t know if anyone has them working with openHAB yet.