Alexa won’t find any devices


I think I have set up everything correct. has the items and I see the updates. They are exposed at configuration > services

// Philips Hue Lichter
Switch  WohnzimmerLicht "Wohnzimmerlicht" ["Lighting"] { channel="hue:0100:1234567890:1:brightness" }

Switch  KuchenLicht "Küchenlicht" ["Lighting"] { channel="hue:0100:1234567890:2:brightness" }

Switch  VorzimmerLicht "Vorzimmerlicht" ["Lighting"] { channel="hue:0100:1234567890:3:brightness" }

Is there anything I have to care more?

That step is not needed, items don’t have to be exposed to work with Alexa.

Read through the first posts in this thread and make sure you have considered all steps:

Also make sure your Alexa skill is authorized in myopenhab.

I read all steps and no result. Can you tell me what you mean authorize at myopenhab?

Can you see “Alexa” added as application in your page?

When you add the skill it is actually guiding you through that process, but maybe something went wrong in your case?

Yes, its available.

@semaf see here: Alexa Smart Home Skill - No devices found - Solution