All LIFX stopped working- SetLightPowerRequest failed (unacknowledged 4 times)

Hey, running OH2.1 here, and haven’t updated it in a while. It’s been running reasonably well (on a headless Ubuntu xenial) for a while now (random disconnects from Wemo, and LIFX, which I assume to be the fault of Wemo/LIFX often as not).

However just in the last day it’s decided to totally fail for all the LIFX bulbs (4 whitelight). They bulbs still work via the Android or Windows apps, however whenever I try to get OH operating one I get messages like above: SetLightPowerRequest failed (unacknowledged 4 times).

I’ve tried restarting the OH service a couple of times to no avail. Any other ideas, short of something painful like attempting (even a partial) rebuild?

Oh also in case it matters, everything it setup using files rather than PaperUI.

And I’ve just realised that it can no longer control my Wemo plugs either, though any other Wemo apps can. Seems like OH is the common element here. Hmm. Maybe a server restart.

OK, server restart to no avail. However then thought to restart the wifi router that most of the non computer devices were conntected to, and presto fixed. All good.

Your router may have thought openHAB was no longer interested in multicast packets e.g. due to IGMP snooping. The LIFX LAN protocol uses multicast packets to discover lights.

So if you often run into such issues you could see if it helps to disable IGMP snooping in your router. Maybe there also is a firmware update for your router that fixes IGMP snooping issues? :slight_smile: