All members for a Group change to the same value by rule?

I have multiple individual lights with actuators all controllable via a individial wall switch.

What I would like to reach is that actually all of the lights now dim to the same value when either of them are changed by a wall button.

My problem is that I think I will end up in a circular reference.

Wall button 1 Turns Light 1 to 70%
By a rule I set Light 2 and 3 also to 70…
However since the rule would watch all 3 items (by group or not) I would now infinitly loop this?
Or am I thinking wrong here.


You can make rules trigger from changes, so there is a chance that when things stop changing the loop is broken.
Potential problems -
Dimmers may report intermediate states on the way from one setting to another; this would set a new “target”.
Not all dimmers do exactly integer 0-100 values, different granularity. Lots of potential for a pair of dimmers to be telling each other “54 … no 56 … no 54”

You may be able to avoid the nausea by use of a timer. When a change is detected, propagate to all dimmers - but also start a timer that locks out a repeat of that process for a few seconds.
See “intermediate states” above though …how do you know when the new setting is finished? Perhaps a more complex timer, that first allows one dimmer change to settle down, before propagating (and still locking out for a while).

Propagating is the easy part - a command sent to a Group of Items is replicated individually to all member Items…

well exactly
they are soft dimming and report gradually their dimm way up 50…53…55

it sounded from here that I actually missed a concept of groups that make that possible:

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