All Osram Plugs not reachabe since today

Does anyone also have problems with Osram Plugs today?
Since today all my Osram Plugs are not rechable inside the Hue App :frowning:

I have tried to readd one, but without success. The search does not find it.
Has Philips changed here something that Osram does not work anymore? Any hints?

Well, those Osram/Ledvance thingies has always been flaky :frowning:

They do not route in the mesh, and can not take children like battery powered sensors.
No firmware updates is awailible…
In my mind they belong in the recycle bin for electronics.

I am surprised you got them recognized by the Hue hub at all.

I have it since a few years and all was working.
Only since a few days all are now “offline” :frowning:

And If I want to readd one I can’t because the hue hub does not recognize it anymore.
So I wanted to know if anyone have this too or does anyone know if Philips has changed something?

May it be a radio interference? Take a look to the antenna/usb stick.

Which antenna/usb stick?

OK, I see you use a hub. Try to put it to another place and/or restart the hub.

Thanks for the tips. I have done this already multiple times.

:woozy_face: I dont know

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