All Z-Wave devices offline

I have a RPi3 w/ Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick Gen5, it had been running fine for a while on 2.5, then recently one a mains light switch went offline and stayed offline. I read a post that indicated it could be related to a daily healing bug, so I disabled the 2am heal. Now all of my z-wave devices show as offline. I tried all manner of soft reset, rebooting, re-enabled healing, manually healed, etc. Finally I upgraded to OpenHAB 3 and although the upgrade appears to be functioning, all of the z-wave devices (except for the controller) are offline.

I’m also getting this error: " No bridgeUID found in getConfigDescription thing:zwave:serial_zstick:89ce4b43" but the controller appears to be online…

Any ideas?

EDIT: Nevermind! Looks like the battery exploded inside the Aeotec. That’ll do it.

Hi Jeremy,

The problem you are working on is something that I think is a weak spot for me. It reminds me to take a back up off my z wave stick and buy a spare to load a restore onto in case my z wave stick fails.

Good luck with your replacement.

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