All Zwave items have same identifier

I am rebuilding my OpenHAB2 server after I got to an unrecoverable state after some updates with the unstable nightly build. I did a apt-get purge so I am actually starting from scratch. I have installed version 2.2.0~20171005035626-1.

My problem is that when I add back my zwave devices, they all have the same identifier suffixed with :node[x]

This identifier is also the same as the controller. Is this new behavior in the latest version?

No - that’s correct behaviour, and absolutely nothing new.

And just to add a little bit of info for future readers. When you create the Serial Thing to connect to the controller, you can change that random string with a Thind ID.


This can be handy as if you use the same name all of your Things will be rediscovered with the same ID they had before and you won’t have to update your Items (assuming you defined them in .items files).

Obviously, you cannot have two controllers connected at the same time with the same Thing ID.