AllJoyn: Where do we stand?

I have read through some of the historic threads regarding integration of an AllJoyn binding into OpenHAB 2.0, however it wasn’t clear to me what the current plan of record is? Will AllJoyn be supported wholesale with a generic transport level binding, or will AllJoyn devices be supported with their own device specific bindings (or both)?

From combing through the threads, it appears the primary developers on this front are Kai Kreuzer and Jayaraj Esvar (Rockstars!), but I wasn’t sure where we are as of today (June 2016).

At the end of this thread, Jayaraj Esvar mentions that he has completed an AllJoyn binding that supports devices with the Control Panel service, but I haven’t found said binding anywhere.

I saw a post somewhere (can’t find it now) where Kai showed a prototype for a AllJoyn transport level bidning for Eclipse SmartHome.

In this Twitter post, Kai shows a breakthrough using AllJoyn for the LIFX binding, which I am assuming is what is used on OpenHAB 2.0???

The list of AllJoyn devicesis growing (check out , and it is gaining ever more traction in IoT.