AllPlay Item DeviceID for say()

This has been bothering me a while. I have several Hitachi AllPlay speakers, and to use say(), it has to look something like this:

say(toSay, "voicerss:enUS","allplay:speaker:507fe0c8-d42f-43dd-9ce0-2eb13e7323d3")

I have gotten around this nasty device ID by making an item with a friendly name:

Switch W200HangarZ "allplay:speaker:edec0693-8ad2-4105-85d7-c166a1248e91"

And I use it like this:

say(toSay, "voicerss:enUS",W200HangarZ.label.toString)

In the PaperUI, I have a volume control thing that is accessed via W200Hangar_Volume, and that’s great and all, but I’d really like to do something like this:

say(toSay, "voicerss:enUS","allplay:speaker:w200Hangar")

Or, somehow get back to the device ID. something like:

I can see these fields in PaperUI, so it seems to me they should be accessible from the rules.

If you give the AllPlay Thing a user-friendly name, you could use this one. On PpaerUI you can set the Default Audiosink from a list, this list contains all AudioSinks (using the thing name).

Hmm. I have in the Thing configuration in PaperUI, the Device Name set to W200Hangar. Does this need to be in a things file?

say(toSay, "voicerss:enUS",W200HangarZ.label.toString) // works
say(toSay, "voicerss:enUS","W200Hangar")     // fails silently
say(toSay, "voicerss:enUS","allplay:speaker:W200Hangar")  // fails silently
say(toSay, "voicerss:enUS",W200Hangar)       // fails with error in log file

Hmmhh. I need to check.

Sorry, it is not only the given name that is required, you need the use use the string that is displayed 2 lines under the thing name on the PaperUI thing list.
I’m using Sonos with a given name of PlayBuero and the needed string is sonos:PLAY1:PlayBuero

Maybe I need to restart OH. There could be an enumeration problem after all of my configuration changes.