Alpha Centauri, open source hardware hub using openHab

Hi, Alpha Centauri is home automation project I am working on for the last year. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Honestly, the web page is heavy on marketing and light on technical and other information like price and when it will be available.

There are a whole lot of technologies/brands listed but anyone who hosts an OH 2 install on a Pi themselves would be using the same ones.

It’s a nice case.

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Have you check also how it works, there you have more information about technical questions.

Yes. I see lots of “what” it does . I see nothing about “how” it actually works.

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This looks very interesting, but I was wondering if you have any ETA, and what do you expect it would approximately cost?

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In my opinion, it looks like a lot of interesting features have been packed into the device, but maybe not in a very coherently way…

By this, I mean what would you do with this device - is it a video monitor, or a sensor, or a server, or a media center, or… Depending on the answer to this it would be placed in different places (ie a media server would be next to your TV so it connects the HDMI, a video camera would likely want to be somewhere else in the house…).

If the cost is low, then having these features packed in to the device might be nice as the flexibilit would allow you could select your own use, but if having lots of functions that aren’t used pushes up the price, then it might not be the best approach…

Just my thoughts - it looks nice, but price will be the make or break I think - and as stated earlier, some technical specs would be nice :wink:.


In its core it will contain Raspberry Pi 3 with OpenHab installed on it. There will be an OpenHab binding per sensor on the device. Also it will be connected via another binding to Cloud System built for Alpha Centauri, so user can configure via cloud all bindings and OpenHab itself, and also features like turning the camera on and off, listen to the microphone.

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Alpha Centauri will be basically a Smart Home Hub, but with added security functions (wide angle camera with night vision, microphone) and multimedia functions (KODI, IR blaster and receiver). Are you interested in testing the first device, when it’s available.

I would echo much of what has been said here. The devil is in the details which look to be a bit light. That said, the potential could be great for a little device like this. It makes me think a lot of the Zipatile from Zipato but without the screen on the front. Having a bunch of sensors, and a central “hub” is nice. Placement is definitely going to be something to take into consideration though with all the features as well since they are so disparate - Media Center, Camera monitoring, Voice Assistant, etc. I would imagine this is aimed at being in a very central location of the home.

I would be interested in testing out first devices as I’m currently on the hunt for new layout for a new home over the coming months. Currently running OpenHAB 1.x in a docker container on an ESXi host in home. Have a PINE64 on the way as well to test as new OpenHAB ZWave controller and hub. Any plans to support Wave expansion card to the inner core of the Ras3?

I could be interested if the price looks good :wink:. I would like to see how ZWave works with it, and also the ZigBee binding would be of interest.

you can subscribe on our site for latest updates and also release dates:

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Very interesting, i’m planing to build HA system based on OH and this suits all my needs.
Can’t wait to reed first review and test results.


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We are Smart Home Automation integrators, we will be happy to discuss beta testing and marketing opportunities. Do reach out.