Alternative to TCP binding to receive Mobotix door bell ringing

I am currently using the TCP binding with the following item to get notified about my Mobotix T25 door bell.
The item looks like this:
Switch Klingel {tcp="<[ON:*:‘REGEX((ON))’]", autoupdate=“false” }

The tcp binding is still an old 1.x binding and it is the last 1.x binding I have in use. I would like to disable the whole compatibility layer, does anyonw know about an alternative using a new 2.x binding?

I’m unaware of any effort to date on a 2.x replacement for this binding. I think your main choices are to continue to use the 1.x binding or to move this code to an external script that then sends message to OH using the REST API or MQTT or the like.

Hm, that makes sense. But I am not really happy to have external scripts running, I would prefer to do it directly with OpenHab. As there won’t be support for legacy 1.x bindings with OpenHab 3 I already start to get rid of them…

Is it just that no one did a port to a 2.x binding or is such a “generic” binding not desired anymore?

I am asking as I might try to port the binding to 2.x. Had a quick look, does not seem to be a lot of code. I think one could define a Thing with a certain endpoint (IP and port) and have some channels for such a device.

For a channel one might define a regex to identify the function of the device and a different regex to extract the value.

So for my Mobotix T25 I could create a Thing with a channel that is bell which I could bind to a switch.

Of course a different option would be to create a very simple Mobotix Binding with a very limited set of functions (so basically the bell stuff) that I need. Someone else could extend it with other functionality as needed…

Probably just that no one has made the effort to port the binding to 2.x. I think it would be wonderful if you did port the TCP binding to 2.x.