Am i boned - attempting upgrade from 2.5 to 3.x

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    • OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
    • openHAB version: 2.5.1-2

Hey folks

Tried to perform an upgrade thru the openhabian console but i believe im stuck in the old bintray source paradox.

Is there a .cfg i can modify so that it uses a different repo source maybe? I think i would prefer the in-place upgrade scenario but am happy to defer to those with more experience here, maybe standing up a “new” OH3 Pi and attempt a piecemeal migration is a less heart attack-inducing experience?

Appreciate your insight.

As your are on stretch I would advise to go for buster or bullseye.
Thus best would be to install latest openhabian version from scratch.

Lesson 101

Have you created a --full backup and standard backup and moved them to a different location / device?

systemctl stop openhab2
openhab-cli backup --full
openhab-cli backup


Because there are so many subtle changes that means it’s not a straightforward process.

Better to enjoy a nice series of little wins along the way

Making a few backups as you go, so you can always roll back a step if needed.

Will do a side-by-side, when i can buy another RPi. 2 years away based on current lead times

Or just put a new SD card in your current Pi ?

I would recommend to leave your prev. system & install working as is and invest into a new sd card, build a new system from ground up.
I ran into many problems with oh3 on a rpi 3b. Java errors, error messages pointing to RAM being scarce. I can’t recall the details, just that I felt rather frustrated at some point and set up a virtual box vm, debian and OH3. And suddenly everything worked much faster and smoother. Running it like that ever since.

I agree with setting up a fresh system. You can copy over your text files and most of it should work. There are some breaking changes (particularly for rules) that will show up in the logs.

I’d suggest waiting until 3.3 releases in the very new future (maybe even this week).

Edit: Yep, this week.

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Well, i bit the bullet and paid over the odds a bit for a new RPi 4 and did a side-by-side upgrade.

Best advice ive gotten, made things a helluva lot easier and it allowed me to tackle it bit by bit, reduced frustration and kept the sanity intact.

Some points to make, for anyone else going thru it (no particular order).

  • Zwave devices were a little painful, having to exclude device X on old system, then quickly adding device on X on new system. Still, once i got into the cadence of it, it was fine.

  • Some Zwave devices were more painful than others, namely switches/relays that are buried behind lightswitch faceplates. Even though their manuals claimed they could be put into exclusion mode by flicking the lightswitch a particular no. of times, it never worked for me, had to remove the faceplates and trigger the exclusion using the button on the relays themselves.

  • I have an RFXTRX USB controller, getting my devices migrated was a breeze since i had all the old ID’s still on my old system, copy and paste job, thought it would be the worst part. It was easy in the end.

  • Hue things just all came across by themselves once i added the Hue controller, simplest part of the migration.

  • Have completely moved away from .item file definitions, tried to just stick to UI and so far, so good. Haven’t yet found the need to create an .items file which i’m glad about, found those tricky to keep track of and easy to get wrong.

  • Deleted all devices from my Alexa app and re-discovered, after switching the Skill to use my “new” email account (which is linked to my new OH 3.3 instance). Worked fine, with a bit of tinkering

  • Said tinkering was mainly around the Alexa metadata on the Things, e.g. trying to get an LG TV power switch to “appear” as a switch in the Alexa app, again, made much easier by the lack of using .items/.things files, just edited in UI and re-discovered in Alexa app until they appeared how i wanted them to.

  • Thermostat current temps appear “weirdly” in Alexa, its the correct temp but the display value is “chopped” or hidden to some extent so you only see half the value (attached a screenshot)

Thats all ive got for now, overall a reasonable experience, helped by the fact that there was no rush to get everything done in one single sitting. I’d say i spent an hour per day, over a week, to get it done (approx).

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Ah, that’s a little unfortunate. If you just moved over the Z-Wave controller, then you didn’t need to exclude any of your devices. The inclusion is on the controller, so you just move it to the new server. The only tricky spot is with securely-included devices. For those to move over cleanly, you have to first copy the Network Security Key from the old server to the new one. Sorry you went through all that, and glad you didn’t have too much trouble.

Use the tags to your advantage. The more tags you add, the easier it’ll be to keep things organized.

Some folks have moved back toward items. I can see the benefits of both approaches, so I’m holding out hope that we’ll eventually have a way to make items in the UI and bulk edit them as we can with text files.

Fair point, however, since it was a RPi 4 and my “old” Zwave stick is an Aeotec 5 (not a +), it wouldnt work on the Pi (not without a hub at least). So i bought another stick for the Pi 4

It wasn’t too bad, and had no secure devices anyhow. All good.

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