Am I going crazy?

I can’t seem to find a list of actions to install on OH3 UI?

I need to check if i have the mqttaction installed.

Many thanks

This actual mqtt version does not need a dedicated action binding.
You can send mqtt messages with (ECMA) code like:

var device_id = "Tasmota";
var actionsBroker = actions.get("mqtt", "mqtt:broker:opuspi4MQTTBroker");
var mycommand=command.toString();
 actionsBroker.publishMQTT("cmnd/" + device_id + "/restart", "1");
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Put it another way; there are no standalone add-on Actions in OH3.
Though many bindings supply Actions as one of their features.


Your rule has no title, this is mandatory for files based rules.
When in doubt, add some logInfo() to at least find out if your rule ever runs.

I got it working, thanks

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