Am I too stupid to search the docs?

Hi all,

I wanted to know how to use the Mail Action sendMail() and tried searched the docs. Unfortunately whereever I enter my search pattern, no result is returned. See attached screenshot. What am I missing?

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Thanks, but as I can see in the screenshot (left menu) I found this already (using google search).
How can I search the documentation for such things?

Right now I’d like to know how I can configure a switch that expires and toggles after a while.


Use the expire binding

Switch MySwitch { expire="5m,command=OFF" }

Will turn the switch OFF after 5 minutes

Thanks again, this is really highly appreciated but doesn’t solve my real problem. How can I search in the docs? Is it really not possible? like “sendmail” doesn’t return anything

Full text search through the documentation is not implemented yet. There are ongoing discussions for vuepress which serves our website.

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In the mean time you can use Google’s site search: sendMail


It’s not ideal but like hmerk mentions, efforts are underway to get full text search.