Amanda Backup creates recursively hundreds of slots directories?

Hi , i am trying to get Amanda running for a while but there are things i dont understand.
when i run amcheck all is fine and amdump is also running.
But during install it went wrong several times, so i think i have some leftovers from previous installations.
I think that ther are some things still scheduled from previous installations.
so where can i see what dump schedules are planned for the future and how can i cancel them ?
I also have to many slots directories i think that the creation of slots has looped
It looks like below and then in every drive0 and drive1 are 40 times the same maps recursively.
When i delete them and run Amanda install with openhabian-config they are coming back again.

I think so, too. Completely delete the uppermost backup area directory first then install again from the menu.

Hi Markus,
the uppermost is my mountpoint so i deteted all maps started from amanda-backups and down.
Then i run openhabian-config again and looked at the folders without running Amanda, but the same is almost happening as in the picture i posted earlier only the data directories are missing but i asume that this has to do that Amanda was not started yet.
I forgot t tell you that i am running Openhab 2.5.11 on a Rpi3B+ and have a nfsshare to my Synology nas at /mnt/AmandaBackup that is working well.

find below the new picture

no idea then, you must have some sort of recursion in your dirs already then

any links in a subdir that points to a root level or top level directory ?

Nothing found as you described.

Hi Markus,
i have tried it several times after deleting and restarting but without any succes.
do you know where i can find the script that is running for installing Amanda to see the steps there are at creating the slots.
And do you know if there is a installation logfile where i can see what is created and where i can find it ?

set debugmode=maximum in /etc/openhabian.conf then go install Amanda again.
You’ll see all the commands being executed in realtime.

Thanks !

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