Amanda Backup results script?

Just getting started with Amanda backup…

Does anyone have a script or guide for configuring a simple notification for the results of an Amanda backup?

I’m thinking I’d like a basic curl script that can post to node red and handle the notifications from there (slack, openhab, etc)…

Amanda sends reports via mail, or you can call amreport from a script.

Thanks - the file:

‘script-email’ seems more complicated than I am willing to invest time into dissecting…and I haven’t received an email yet (configured via openhabian-config). I have not troubleshot.

I guess I could write a script that runs amreport well after the expected backup completion time, but it seems more satisfying to have the script run automatically at backup completion.

And I have too many other projects to write a cool script so was hoping one existed…

Marcus - by the way - thanks for all your posts. I’ve referenced many of them in getting my backup environment stabilized.

I have three openhab instances to manage.