Amanda Restore -- need hand holding please

My OH / OpenHabian / Rasp-Pi system just died, and it looks like the main SD card got fried i.e. the OS does not even boot. So I am starting to rebuild from scratch on a new SD.

Fortunately the old system did have Amanda installed and doing a daily back up to a second USB drive. Obviously that USB drive is very precious to me at the moment, since it (hopefully) has all my data on it, so I would appreciate some hand holding about how not to damage it by doing something stupid.

I have got a clean new SD set up now via OpenHabian and have OH is installed. I think the next step is to use OpenHabian-Config to install Amanda on this new system. I guess I should not plug the old backup USB drive into my new system until after Amanda is installed, since the new installation risks erasing the old backup. Or ?? So should I install Amanda using a second clean USB, and then swap back the original backup at some point. Or what?

No 2nd disk, just unmount your backup disk, install Amanda to your system SD, then mount your backup disk over it. I think you cannot restore through Amanda tools though as you’ll be missing the database. IIRC the db data is not stored in the backup area but I believe there’s a tar or tgz copy somewhere on your backup disk, that you can copy over/extract to its original location. Copy file and unmount your disk before you extract, to play it safe.

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