Amature Hour: Adding HTTP thing

Hi all -

I’ve just installed a new OH2 instance (manual install of OH2 beta4), and I’m trying to get my act together. I have two issues that may be related:

(1) My Z-Wave devices were discovered and working, but I can’t get my HTTP-bound device into the mix. I’ve created “default.items” under conf/items, but I don’t see the device anywhere in the Paper UI. I have installed the HTTP binding (via PaperUI), but I don’t see it in the configuration > bindings page.

I also don’t see the binding in Habmin.

(2) I copied the OH2-version of my sitemap into conf/sitemaps, and I actually restarted OH a couple of times, but the sitemap doesn’t show up in the BasicUI. I can see it in Habmin though.

Meta-question: is there an issue mixing automagically-generated stuff (items, sitemaps) with stuff added via text file?


Additional Information:

I just found that I can add my HTTP thing to HabPanel… and it works fine!
But I can’t see it or the binding in PaperUI or BasicUI


Basic UI will use the _default sitemap as default :wink: which is virtual (on the fly, no file existing) and this sitemap will only include autodiscovered things. Paper UI does not allow to use a sitemap at all and shows the same things. To see manually added items, you have to write a sitemap and save it to ./conf/sitemap/yoursitemapname.sitemap, this can be opened by adding the name to the URL:


And of course, you can set this sitemap as default sitemap through paper UI…