Amazon Alexa and Openhab skill -

Amazon has announced (finally) the Echo products in Italy (next October 30th).
Meantime, from site, with my amazon account I tried to add Openhab skill to Alexa. Unfortunately, the Openhab skill doesn’t apear in the Alexa smart home skill list. I can see Home Assistant for example, but no OH.
It seems a limitation of the Alexa’s Italian version only, so I think the question goes to the Openhab’s developers: Is there an expected date to release integration with Amazon Echo Italy or what else can I do?
Thank you

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I’m really interested in an answer because I want to buy an Alexa Echo Dot.

I’ve seen an easy way to build custom alexa skills with this web platform It seems very user friendly and simple. It supports HTTP calls so I suppose that we can integrate some sort of automation prior the release of official OpenHAB Alexa Skill for the Italian market.

I think it will appear shortly. They are working on it.

Ok, thank you.

Any news on the Italian version of Alexa Skill??I’m impatient to use it, even a beta version, If you need help I can lend a hand