Amazon Alexa Item Status

Hi, i have installed the Alexa skill and the binding and the voice commands work fine. In the Amazon Alexa App i can see my items correctly also, but i cannot see the current status of the item, for example if the light is on or not. If i switch the light on via the app than for a short time i see the status in the app before the status disappears (Light still on as expected).

No Status:
With status:

Any update? :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting on this forever as well. It would be especially nice to have now given the revamping of the Alexa ios app that was just deployed. Every other Alexa Home Automation Skill reports device status. My hunch is no one is working on it.

I guess this is the same issue that I found I’m having. I purchased some eFamily plug sockets (SWA1) model and while using with the eFamily skill in Alexa I could get the device status shown in the Alexa App. I then flashed one of the plug sockets with the TASMOTA firmware so that I could add it in to my OH installation, however there are a couple of unwanted side affects to this;

The first thing is that the new plug socket which is defined in OH as;

Switch   GF_FamilyRoom_Power                 "Music Power Outlet"          <poweroutlet>      (GF_FamilyRoom, gPower, gPersist)        [ "Switchable" ]

but this does not show up under the Alexa app as a plug socket but rather shows under the “switches” definitions.

Second issue is that the plug/switch status is not now shown in the Alexa app and only briefly indicates as being ON or OFF when the switch is operated. While is does work and show correct status in Openhab UI.

Is it just a case that you cant have the best of both worlds, or is there a cunning trick to solving these small but irritating issues?

Thanx for any guidance.

The current openHAB Alexa Skill doesn’t show the current status of devices. From what I understand that is coming in the next version. Unfortunately the developer of the skill has been tied up on on higher priority items (probably ones that earn $).

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To get an item status I create a bridge with a simple “switch” and a “rule”:

Switch Item:
Switch TempAussenSwitch “Temperatur aussen” [“Switchable”]

var Timer WM_timer = null
rule “Temperatur Terrasse Alexa”
Item TempAussenSwitch changed to ON
logInfo(filename,“Abfrage Außenteperatur Terrasse”)
Echo_Flur_TTS.sendCommand(‘Die Außentemperatur beträgt’ + (TempAussen.state as Number).intValue + ‘Grad Celsius auf der Terrasse’)
WM_timer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(15), [

Now Alexa told me with the command “Temperatur aussen ein (on)” the temperature from my outside sensor (Item TempAussen).

Or you can just crate a routine in the alexa app, that when you say “Welche Temperatur hat es?” sends and “On” to your switch. The only issue I have with that is, that I don’t know from which alexa the command came from to also send the answer to this device.

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