Amazon Alexa voice command to openhab

Hello !

Is it possible to sent the voicecommand from alexa to openhab ?

Anybody who can help me getting started ?


Install the HUE Emulation Binding and let the ALEXA discover your item under Smart Home.

I would like to have the string voicecommabx in openhab

I do not understand your question

The text i say to alexa. I want iT parsed to an string item in openhab

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

I assume @royhofman1989 refers to this VoiceCommand.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. I was also looking for such a feature, but the only way this could be realized (via LITERAL slot types) will be discontinued on February 6th.

Yep that is exactly what I meant. pity that is not possible (yet) :smiley: