Amazon Binding - Help Needed

I´ve been using Openhab for some time now, since version 2 but I’ve never been a havy user of the Alexa integration. Just two or three items. What I’ve used frequently is the ability to use it for anoucements of alerts etc.
Recently I´ve tried to add some others but it did not work. I’ve removed all items on Openhab and Alexa App, I removed the skill and added It back again but It just is not able to get the items anymore. When I start the scan on Alexa App I alwayt got errors on my openhab log.

It always starts with this error:
[rg.apache.cxf.jaxrs.utils.JAXRSUtils] - Problem with writing the data, class, ContentType: application/json

attached is the full error log
openhab-part.log (25.9 KB)

can anybody help me with this?

I’m guessing that you’re still using the old tag-based method, and not the metadata method that replaced it long ago. There was a grace period of about a year during which both worked, but the old method was eventually disabled during a myopenHAB update. If you hadn’t changed anything since then, your integrations would have continued to work, but now that you’ve made changes you need to update your items to use metadata. It shouldn’t be that much trouble.

I’ve removed everything and tried it with a single item using metadata without success. Same error on the logs and nothing shows up on Alexa.

I just tried adding new devices as well which always worked before but now Alexa does not find any new devices when searching, this seems to have started since switching to OpenHab 4.

Tagged everything correctly in OpenHab but nothing is found, what could be the reason for that?

Might be related to this.

Interestingly I needed to restart my OpenHab instance 3 times. After that it worked completely normal again.

So for anyone reading this in future, try rebooting multiple times. It seems to have fixed the issue

Just to be clear, are you referring to Alexa smart home devices discovered through the Amazon Echo Control binding on the OH side? Or OH devices discovered through the Alexa skill on the Alexa side?

The Alexa skill

So the Amazon Echo Control binding is not involved with this workflow.

It could have been some performance issue with your server. Anyway, good to know that it is now working for you.

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