Amazon Dash button with huge lag

yesterday I successfully added the amazon Dash-Button to my OH2 installation. (OH2.1)

For those with similar questions, by the way: it didn’t show up in the inbox at first, only after I restarted OH2 (not the pc, just OH2)

The dash button also works - but with a huge lag in the reaction. And I’m not talking seconds, rather minutes!

So, I’ve connected the dashbutton to a light with the simple rule provided in the binding example.
What I notice in the logs: The moment I press the button, nothing happens. Then - about 1-2 minutes later, the logs show both the dash-button triggered event and the sendCommand to the light.

I.e: there is a huge time difference between the moment I press the button and the moment OH eventually recognizes this.

Some more additional info: I haven’t (yet) prevented the button from accessing the internet, so when I press it I receive a notification from my amazon app (“you’re almost set…”). This notification comes a few seconds after the press of the button.

Anyone has any idea?


My Dash Buttons usually need 5 to 10 seconds, which is obviously caused by booting and trying to connect and order.
But i have never seen lags from 1 or 2 Minutes.

Maybe you should give preventing them from internet connection a try and report, if this changes the behaviour.

Ok - first update. The event is being triggered on a regular basis - without me pressing the button. I believe these are the arp-calls to the amazon servers which happen regularly?

I have now prevented the button from accessing the internet and will report back.

Did you cancel the configuration of the dash buttons as described in the last step? I don’t have any updates in my installation, perhaps this is the case in your setup? (nevertheless, I also blocked my dashbuttons in the firewall).

yes, I’ve canceled the installation in the last step.
However, I think I do have an update:

The behavior I described before (regular intervall “triggers”) were probably not caused by the dash button, but by another amazon device (in my router it said “kindle”). I therefore factory reset both dash buttons I have and re-installed them.

One of them now works like a charm. The other is stuck in PaperUI as initializing. I had to add both of them manually.

My guess now is that the one that works is simply among the list of MAC-addresses which are hardcoded into the binding (MAC address starts with 18:…), whereas the other one is not in the list (starts with B4)
Now, from what I’ve read in the other threads here, I believe that also those buttons which start with B4 have now been added to the list. I am therefore assuming that I just need to pull the latest jar-file from GitHub which includes that list.

Now my question: apart from downloading the source and compiling it myself - does anyone have a link to a compiled jar with the latest build of the binding?

Are you on snapshot or stable?

If you are on snapshot, make a apt-get update / upgrade and you will get it.

Or download it from here:

I’m on stable and my new dashbuttons also beginn with B4 - I don’t use PaperUI, so I defined all of them manually. Apart from some issues with the libpcap they work regardless of the MAC address… So I guess the one not working has perhaps some old configuration hanging in OH2. There’s still a bug, if you delete a configuration from a cfg file or double configure it in PaperUI and files and change either one…

What you should do:

  • stop OH2
  • remove /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/*.config
  • restart OH2

Then the configuration from the files should be used in any case. Give it a try, perhaps this will solve your issue.

Thanks - I didn’t define anything via config files, just manually, but still using Paper UI - but your hint @binderth did the trick - both buttons are working now, with just a slight delay.

@halloween - I am on stable, usually. I know this is off-topic, but how stable is snapshot of 2.2 these days?

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