Amazon Echo Control listening for "any"

How do I, in a rule, detect something said on any of my Amazon Echo devices (regardless of device type – i.e. echo, echoshow, echospot, etc.)? For instance, if I say “alexa, good night”. I could be in any room and I have no idea what echo to use as the “when” clause. I’m looking for something like:

rule “good night”
Item anyEcho_LastVoiceCommand
// Turn all lights off

According the documentation this should work:

rule "Test Echo"
  Member of Echo received command
   logInfo ("Test Echo", "triggered by: {}",
 if (triggeringItem.state=="hallo")
    {do stuff}

But it doesn’t trigger. ATM I’m lost.

Where did you see that? I’m looking at here and I don’t see that.

In my (NOT WORKING!) rule “Echo” is a group containg the item linked to the lastvoicecommand channel of my echo device.
No special technique from the echo binding is used!
The idea was to have all your items that are linked to a lastvoicecommand channel in one group (as documented for group triggers) and have only one rule for your desired functionality. So far I can’t get it to work and I’m on a vacation trip without the possibility to do further checks.

I got it working based on this post.

Glad you got it working, it’s the same idea! I’ll remain in vacation-mode :wink: