Amazon Echo Control: Text based announcements do not work since Version 2.5.8

Hi there,

i use an echo spot for displaying text based announcements (not speek).
with the 2.5.7. Version of the binding it works without problems.

Since version 2.5.8 the function seems to bee absent - including 2.5.10
No errors are logged. but nothing happens on the echo device.

can anyone confirm this or have an idea…?


I thought 2.5.9 was the last 2.5.x. The next stable release would be 3.0.0.


I guess he means 2.5.10-SNAPSHOT.

yes - i mean the snapshot…but in the actual official release (2.5.9) the bug exists too.


You better should file an issue on github, so the developer gets noticed of this bug.

Maybe someone else here could confirm this issue?

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For completeness, Kai announced that 2.5.10 would ship as a bug release. (And the ‘etc’ in that post leads me to believe .11, .12 and so on…)


Thanks. I missed that detail.