Amazon Echo Control: Text to Speech and Announcement volume behavior

Echo Show 3rd gen
openHAB3.2 snapshot


Even though I set the volume to a high level in the code and I see the Show increase the volume but then it falls back to a (default?) low level before the announcement is made. Even if I manually set the volume directly on the Show it changes back to the low level before the announcement

Rule is like this:

EchoShow2_Announcement.sendCommand('{"sound":true, "speak":"Office light is whatever", "title":"TESTING", "body":"Office light is maybe ", "volume":90}')

TTS behaves differently. It sets the requested volume and still returns to a low level but only after the text to speech is finished.


What should the difference be between an announcement and text to speech?. I think there used be some sort of alert melody but I do not hear that. I know the announcement can also display text on the screen but is that it?

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