Amazon Echo Control

trying to set up Amazon Echo Control

go to

result is “No Account thing created.”

am I missing something or does anyone have a resolve

Did you create the account thing before?

Guessing you have installed the binding, but you also need to go through the process of creating the Thing, and select the appropriate Device Discovery Mode for it. “Direct connected” has been working well here…

Thanks Both, got it sorted

I think the docs could be better worded especially for the stupid (ME) I took it completely out of context!

  1. Create an ‘Amazon Account’ thing in control panel THEN
  2. open the url YOUR_OPENHAB/amazonechocontrol in your browser (e.g. http://openhab:8080/amazonechocontrol/ (opens new window)), click the link for your account thing and login.
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That‘s a common problem (not only) with open source software. Documentation is often written by non-native speakers and sometimes results in hard-to-understand sentences.

anyway to suggest an update to docs to help others

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True. It was only meant as explanation why documentation might be hard to understand.

If you’ve got a good handle on how it could be improved, anyone can make edits to the documentation. You just need a Github account. I’ve submitted a few edits recently, and it’s a great way for us non-programmers to contribute, once you get the hang of it.


Update submitted, as you say every little helps, thanks for info