Amazon Echo Controll and Danfoss Skill


I am completely new to the use of openhab, so hope there is someone who can help :slight_smile:

I have installed latest version of openhab 3.0.0 and running it from a Raspberry Pi 4.

I have a question about setting up Items, via Binding from Amazon Akexa. There is no Binding that supports Danfoss Link Controller - Link - But Danfoss has made a Skill for Amazon Alexa.

I have installed binding Amazon Echo Control - Amazon Echo Control - Bindings | openHAB - set up and everything works.

I have installed Danfoss Skill via my Amazon Skills - Link

I can control the temperature via Alexa voice control and Alexa app. I have now in openhab disovered all temperature sensor from Alexa and they are created under Thinges.

My problem now is getting an Items and channels made so I can control and manage my danfoss temprature sensors in openhab, which are connected via Amazon Alexa.

Is this possible to set up in openhab? I simply do not know how to do it.

Unfortunately, there is no binding that works with Danfoss Living Connect in OpenHab or for that matter Home Assistant. I have tried for several years to make it work, but unfortunately without success.

But then I discovered Node-Red and it has proven to be the solution to the problem :slight_smile: What is needed is a Node-Red installation and an Amazon device such as Echo or similar, along with an Amazon account and the Danfoss Skill.

It takes a bit to make it work, but it runs perfectly.

Interested, send me a PM