Amazon Echo dot initializing

I just bought an Amazon Echo dot 3rd generation. I just want to use it for the voice command with the rules to use with my openHab 2.3.
I installed the latest 2.5 (beta7) binding, but when I try to ass amazon account I get ERROR 500, but anyway I should need it only to use the voice commands then I will manage the rules for my own on my zwave devices, but when I add as thing Amazon Echo the device remain in state “INITIALIZING” (obviously I had put the right serial number). What am I missing?

Maybe an issue using an older OH version?

Make a backup of your working OH setup then update from 2.3 to the latest stable version (2.4 I think) and see if that helps. Also, if you have another/extra device like an raspberrypi to test with you can do a fresh install and check that way.

Do you know if upgrading with a lot of zwave devices will be a problem?

For voice control you need the cloud connector. Then in your Amazon alexa account activate the openhab skill. At the first time you have to grant access to your openhab cloud. At least you have to define the switches in a thing file with a [switchable] at the end so alexa can recognize this as an switch. Look for the Phillips hue syntax.

have you got examples?

of course. but sorry is not a thing it is a item
here an example for my LED stripe
Color Farbe_Wohnzimmer “Licht im Wohnzimmer” (EG_Wohnzimmer) [“Lighting”]
with [“Lighting”] you can tell Alexa “ON” and “OFF” and the color and the brightness you have to link this with the corresponding things.

It is also very good documentated on the website