Amazon Echo for dummies

hi all with Amazon Voice Services now supporting a listening mode, I plan to set up a homebrew Echo with a Raspberry Pi 3. I would like to integrate this with Openhab 2, but am a bit confused as to how to go about the OH2 integration.

Is there a dummies guide on how to set this up? I think there might be two bindings - one that supports wake word only and one that requires the openhab word but Im not sure.

After this I think I need to have a hue bridge? and have items that are emulating hue devices?

bit confused and would love someone to spell it out in steps for this dummy.


I can’t provide too many specifics but at a high level, your home brew server will need to issue commands to openHAB. This can be done either through the OH REST API or MQTT messages. Look at the documentation for the Hue binding for how to integrate Hue with OH.

Basically, OH will be your hub. All your devices are controlled from OH. Your Home Brew Voice Services will be used to convert voice to commands that get sent to OH which in turn commands your devices.

I am hoping there is more of a of the shelf approach to this - pretend I didnt say hjomebrew voice service - pretend I said an amazon echo (as this is what it will be) does that change the response?

I guess the better link is this:

Afaik, home brew is just an Amazon Echo substitute running on the Pi. So the integration with openHAB 2 should be possible just the same way as for a “real” Echo device. Correct me if I am wrong!